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At Revolution Hearing in Charlottesville, VA, we are dedicated to identifying and treating hearing loss. Struggling to hear can disrupt conversations and distance you from loved ones. Our skilled team uses cutting-edge technology to deliver tailored solutions, helping you restore your hearing and enjoy peace of mind. Allow us to assist you in reconnecting with the world around you.

10 Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

  1. Does it feel like everyone around you is mumbling?
  2. Is that constant ringing in your ears more than just annoying?
  3. Is “Can you say that again?” your catchphrase?
  4. Is your family asking you to turn down the TV or radio?
  5. Are you missing everyday sounds like a dripping faucet?
  6. Are you struggling in group conversations or noisy places?
  7. Do you hear people but miss some words?
  8. Are phone calls sounding unclear?
  9. Is it hard to catch what people say when you’re not facing them?
  10. Are friends and family telling you to lower your voice?

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Revolution Hearing is dedicated to providing patient-centered, high-quality hearing healthcare to the people of Charlottesville, VA, using state-of-the-art technology to connect you to the world again. We have multiple locations and will do whatever we can to help you regain your confidence through better hearing.

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