Custom Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common source of preventable hearing loss worldwide. The first step you can take to avoid noise-induced hearing loss is to ensure you're using adequate hearing protection when exposed to high levels of sound.

When you're working in a loud environment, legislation exists that requires the use of hearing protection. Although workplace hearing protection should be given to you in the noisiest of jobs, some workplaces can be lax about their requirements. To protect your hearing, it is important for you to use custom hearing protection whenever you are in doubt. You can even use a smartphone app to measure your workplace's decibel level, keeping track of the appropriate exposure times.

When you're encountering high levels of sound in your leisure time (concerts, mowing the lawn, hunting, etc.), it is also important to use proper hearing protection. Basic earplugs may be sufficient in some cases, but other events require more advanced forms of hearing protection.

Store-bought earplugs are a fantastic start towards hearing loss prevention. However, custom hearing protection offers a truly customized fit that ensures the plugs are snug in your ears, providing maximum protection when you are exposed to noise - whether at work or at play. Furthermore, custom hearing protection comes in many varieties and is designed for an array of specific activities.

We supply custom-fit hearing protection for a variety of pursuits, including but not limited to:

  • Live music
  • Hunting
  • Occupational protection
  • Swimmers
  • Motorcyclists

For maximum protection from noise, contact us to schedule an appointment for custom hearing protection.