Hearing Test

Hearing tests are painless and non-invasive, and the procedure usually takes no more than 90 minutes to complete. Our certified hearing professionals will figure out the nature and type of your hearing loss and decide on the treatment most appropriate for your needs. Here is what you can expect from a hearing examination with Revolution Hearing.


You'll first consult with one of our hearing professionals. We're going to ask about aspects of your medical history because this could impact your hearing. You should tell us if you've been on any medications or if you've had a cold or sinus issue in the last few days. If you've recently been subjected to loud noises, you'll want to share this information too.

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Physical Hearing Exam

Physical Examination

Next, we will use an otoscope to test your ear canal and your eardrum. We will check for any blockages, likely from impacted earwax, and any damage to the eardrum, such as perforation or breaking. Such factors may result in loss of hearing.

Hearing Tests

The ability to hear is observable through a series of tests. Our hearing tests consist of the following:

Pure-tone test: You will sit in a quiet space while we play a series of tones into your ear through a set of headphones, using an ANSI approved audiometer. When you hear a sound, you'll be told to lift your hand or press a button.

Speech recognition test: We'll read you a collection of words, and you'll be asked to repeat them. This helps understand the brain side of hearing loss.

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Hearing Test Results


An audiogram will register your hearing test results, a visual illustration of your hearing abilities. The hearing ability of each ear will be recorded separately, in terms of decibel levels and frequency. Your speech recognition is also recorded in a percentage. The audiogram indicates the degree and configuration of your hearing loss. If a hearing loss is detected, we will discuss the best course of treatment to meet your specific hearing needs.