Meet Ryan

I’m Ryan Ford, your hearing instrument specialist for the Hampton Roads region. I’m also the founder and CEO of Revolution Hearing. I created this company to create a Revolution in hearing care, and bring transparency and accessibility to the industry. After fitting hearing aids for the last 8 years, I could feel the pull of change on the reluctant industry. There were too many families missing out on what quality hearing care could bring to their lives, and this was just unacceptable.

Family is incredibly important to us at Revolution Hearing. Take a step into our office and you’ll see smiling faces of my wife and daughter. In 2021, you’ll also see pictures of our baby boy expected this fall. I would do anything so that my loved ones could live their best life, and want to do the same for every patient I have walk into my door (or whose door I walk into with our mobile visits).

If you, or your loved ones, are suffering from a hearing loss, there should be very little standing in your way of quality hearing care. At Revolution Hearing we have amazing options for everyone. I also pride myself in clearing the smoke and mirrors of hearing aids, and provide full transparency in the best options for each person, allowing everyone to get the very best bang for their buck.

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