Approximately 15 percent of Americans have tinnitus, as reported by the American Tinnitus Association. For some, tinnitus might be a rare occurrence that is experienced every couple of days or even weeks. However, for others, it can be a constant source of both discomfort and annoyance.

Tinnitus can only be heard by the person with the condition and is more noticeable in a quiet environment. It is usually a ringing, but could also be described as a buzzing or whooshing sound.
Scientists don't know precisely what produces the sounds of tinnitus, but they do know that tinnitus is linked to damaged or weakened hair cells within the ear. This is the same damage that can cause hearing loss.

There is a growing theory that tinnitus happens in a frequency range that may also be experiencing hearing loss. What we’ve found more often than not, if you fix the hearing loss, the tinnitus improves.

While there is no singular cure for tinnitus, there are a range of treatments to help you manage your condition and continue living your life. If you suffer from the frustrating sounds of tinnitus, schedule an appointment with us. We'll run tests to determine the extent of your tinnitus and find the best treatment options to meet your hearing needs.

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