VA Services

Servicemen and women are exposed to a barrage of loud sounds as part of their training or active duty. Blasts leave military personnel vulnerable to potentially dangerous noise, but they are also placed in transport environments that can be extremely noisy, like helicopters and aircraft. Exposure to these sounds results in a painful and destabilizing sensory experience and can do some severe damage to one’s hearing abilities.

Because of these and many other factors related to noise, hearing loss among veterans is disproportionately higher than among other classes. Indeed, hearing loss is at number two in the list of health conditions that bring veterans to medical centers at Veterans Affairs, just behind tinnitus, another hearing-related condition. 

The 2018 MISSION Act opened up more opportunities for veterans in their local communities to access hearing healthcare. If you are a veteran who lives a certain distance from a VA clinic or if there is an unusually long waiting period for hearing treatment at your nearest VA, our visit to you could be covered. For more information, visit the Virginia Department of Veterans Services or contact our team at Revolution Hearing.

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