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7100 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Building B, Suite 9 Yorktown, VA 23692

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Revolution Hearing is dedicated to providing patient-centered, high-quality hearing healthcare to the people of Yorktown, VA, using state-of-the-art technology to connect you to the world again. We have multiple locations and will do whatever we can to help you regain your confidence through better hearing.


7100 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Building B, Suite 9 Yorktown, VA 23692

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We have in-office appointments available for new and existing patients.

What We Offer:

Audiometric Evaluations:

Come in for an appointment and see how the latest hearing aids can improve your listening experience. Try them for free!

Free Hearing Exam:

A hearing exam is the first step in identifying hearing loss. We offer comprehensive hearing tests free of charge!

Cognivue: Cognitive Screening

Cognivue screening is a five-minute, self-administered test that evaluates three cognitive functions: memory, visuospatial, and executive function as well as reaction time and speed processing.

Online Scheduling:

Schedule an appointment online to see what times are available that fit your needs.

The Latest Hearing Aids:

Todays hearing aids offer advanced speech processing, wind reduction, and improved management of feedback.

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Medicare Advantage

Affordable Hearing Care for Everyone

At Revolution Hearing, we believe in providing our patients with affordable hearing care and hearing aids for any budget. In addition to offering hearing aid technology at all price levels, we also work with all Medicare Advantage Plans. We care about our patients and want you to receive the best hearing care possible. We will work to get the best options available with any policy you have.

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7100 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Building B, Suite 9 Yorktown, VA 23692

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Our Provider

Amanda King, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Amanda King, Hearing Instrument Specialist, has been in the hearing industry for more than 12 years and specializes in the treatment of hearing loss in adults. Amanda grew up in Suffolk, Virginia and attended Old Dominion University. Her passion for healthy hearing began at a very early age. She was born prematurely, and unbeknownst to her family she couldn’t hear. Thanks to her amazing physicians, Amanda has enjoyed normal hearing for many years. This early experience ignited an interest in Amanda that turned into a passion, and later became her career.

When she isn’t in the office, Amanda enjoys hiking with her husband and their two labs, Timber and Luna. Her other hobbies include long-distance running, calligraphy, and traveling to new places.