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We work with all of the major hearing aid manufacturers, offering the newest and most advanced devices on the market. We also service hearing aids from different brands, so if you are in need of refittings, adjustments, or repair, please contact us.

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Resound is part of the GN Group and has been developing premier hearing technology since 1943. Resound was the first hearing aid manufacturer to deliver 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity and the world’s first Made for Apple® hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming.

Resound Linx Quattro offers a better hearing experience through layers of sound, direct streaming, rechargeability, and user support.

ReSound Hearing Aid


Starkey is the only major hearing aid manufacturer based in the U.S.A. Founded in 1967, Starkey is known for developing the first in-canal hearing aid and first custom, digital and invisible fully programmable hearing aid.

Starkey is a pioneer still today with its new Livio AI hearing device, which offers rechargeability, wireless streaming to smartphones, and the ability to track body and brain health.

Starkey Hearing Aids


Phonak has been designing, manufacturing and selling technologically advanced hearing aids for over 60 years, with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Phonak is a driving force for innovation and sets new standards for user-friendly design.

Phonak recently released the Phonak Marvel hearing aids incorporating Autosense 3.0 and Binaural Voice Stream processing. These provide increased noise speech understanding, enhanced listening quality, and an overall sound quality increase, not to mention lithium-ion technology and Bluetooth connectivity.

Phonak Hearing Aids


Signia has a pedigree dating back to 1878. Werner von Siemens created an improved telephone receiver after finding it difficult for certain people with hearing loss to understand over the telephone. He later founded Siemens, known throughout its history for producing high-quality hearing technologies.

It was the first to develop a behind an ear hearing aid, as well as a waterproof digital hearing aid. Using the experience gained by Siemens, the parent company Sivantos has started promoting the Signia brand for its newly introduced hearing products.


Oticon is the second biggest hearing aid manufacturer globally, with its headquarters in Denmark outside Copenhagen. Founded by Hans Dement in 1904, whose wife suffered from hearing loss, Oticon has been based on care and compassion from the very beginning.

Driven by a strong passion for creativity, Oticon is now at the cutting edge of the lives of millions of hearing losses.

Oticon recently released the Opn S, designed to provide personalized listening experience for people with hearing loss. The model also features the new OpenSound Booster, powered by the Velox S system, that offers additional support for the wearer under the most challenging circumstances.


Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer founded in 1964 in the “Silicon Valley” of Canada. Unitron is committed to improving lives through innovation. At Revolution Hearing, we primarily work with Unitron hearing aids.

The Discover Next Platform

Unitron's new Discover Next platform provides the speech and environmental cues that help you understand what you need, whether in quiet or noisy settings.

Soft speech lift helps you understand better without raising the device's volume, offering more in-depth insights into more sedate conversations.

Spectral Speech is a new level to Unitron's noisy environment solution, SpeechPro. In addition to automatically implementing directional microphones and retaining localization markers, Spectral Speech now provides a better distinction between speech and noise so that you can better understand the subtle nuances of conversation in more complicated listening circumstances.

Flex and TrueFit Software

TrueFit Technology from Unitron provides hearing aid users with control of what they hear and how they hear. It's an interactive system that enables listeners to work with hearing aid providers to find the best hearing solution. TrueFit Software offers a log of data based on the listener's listening experience that helps hearing professionals improve their hearing aid adjustment and tuning to improve their listening experience.

Unitron's Flex program allows wearers to use Unitron hearing aids on a test basis so they can experience the difference in using Unitron – and also enables Unitron to archive the patient's preferences and listening experiences day in, day out.

Surveys have shown that 84% of Flex customers believe the trial experience improved their own experience with hearing aids, 83% of providers report an increase in the number of patients purchasing Unitron hearing aids.

Unitron Moxi

Unitron Moxi Fit

Unitron Moxi Fit R is the world's smallest rechargeable hearing aid. Powerful and battery-rich, you'll never miss another conversation. With an easy-to-use style, Moxi Fit features a telecoil and the push button. Moxi R uses the latest rechargeable silver-zinc batteries:

  • Convenient-provides 24 hours wireless streaming with 90 minutes at an overnight charge.
  • Flexible-Moxi R uses traditional, rechargeable zinc-air batteries as a back-up when necessary.
  • Environmentally friendly – replaces up to 100 regular batteries, is not toxic, and completely recyclable.
Unitron Insera

Unitron Insera

Like a tailored suit, Unitron Insera hearing aids are designed to fit you perfectly. Molded precisely to fit your ear's contours, they're also perfectly adapted to the sound of your hearing loss and give you optimal performance.

Unitron Moxi Jump R

Unitron Moxi Jump R

The Moxi Jump R is an almost invisible, rechargeable Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid. Moxi Jump R streams phone calls whether you are using an iPhone or Android smartphone. It works with any Bluetooth connectivity-capable smartphone. The Discover platform is the latest Unitron processor to recognize your listening environment and automatically adjust to ensure the best speech and noise reduction.


Founded in Denmark in 1956, Widex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids. Widex offers the most advanced natural sound available on the market.

The Widex Evoke represents a breakthrough in hearing technology, featuring real-time machine learning and more user control with less effort.

Widex Hearing Aids